(A cloudy area in the lens of the eye)

The human eye can be compared to a camera. When the shutter (cornea) is open, light enters and passes through a lens which transmits the image to the film (retina). When the lens is clouded by fog (cataract), it cannot focus properly. The lens is completely replaced by an implant during no-stitch cataract surgery. 

We do not know exactly what causes most cataracts, but we do know that cataracts are a normal part of aging. Many people over 65 show signs of cataract, however, not all cataracts compromise vision. 

Most people have some clouding of their eye's natural crystalline lens after the age of 60. This clouding is more commonly referred to as a cataract. About 50% of Americans in the age group of 65-74 have at least one cataract, and about 70% of those age 75 and over have cataracts. Simply stated, when the eye's lens becomes cloudy, light cannot be properly focused on the retina; thus, visual acuity decreases. 

The only "cure" for poor vision due to cataract is removal of the eye's lens and implantation of a new, man-made focusing device called an intraocular lens (IOL).

Many people with cataracts may experience symptoms such as:

  • Cloudy, fuzzy, foggy vision

  • Difficulty in seeing to drive, especially at night

  • Trouble seeing to do close work

  • Problems seeing television

  • Colors that seem dull, faded, not as bright

  • Frequent changes and a stronger glasses prescription

  • Haloes around lights

  • Bothersome glare

  • A milky white spot or cloudy spot visually apparent in the center of the eye

No-Stitch Outpatient Cataract Surgery

No-Stitch cataract surgery is a major breakthrough because the entire cataract is removed and a new lens is implanted through an opening so tiny it usually does not require stitches.


  • Outpatient procedure

  • The eye heals faster

  • Sometimes anesthesia by injection is not needed

Multi-focal Intraocular Lenses

After cataract surgery, the extracted lens is replaced by an intraocular lens to restore clear vision. We specialize in the new, revolutionary multi-focal lens implants for cataract surgery, that provide full range of vision - near, distance and intermediate, resulting in greater independence from glasses or contact lenses. We perform no-stitch small incision cataract surgery in our own ambulatory surgical center in Manhattan.

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